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Rules aka The Boring Bit

There’s really no escaping rules and this is no exception, but hopefully as there are not many they will be easy to remember and not too difficult to stick to!


You must own the picture you are sharing here, and it must be of you, but don’t get hung up on the world selfie. You do not have to have taken it yourself or with a camera phone. The word selfie just had a better sound for a site title! So use any type of image just you know, love your self(ie).

Submissions via posts from your own blog added to the link party tool will be promoted with links to the blog.

If you submit an Image for the gallery it will be used for promotional purposes and if you have a preferred blog or Twitter account you wish to have promoted please advise on submitting the image.


Please do not share pictures if you are under 18. Any images that are suspected to be of an underage person will be removed until I have verified your age.

Subject matter.

While I am not against images of genitalia I am asking that you do not share images showing gentials or of an explicit nature.

Bare beasts and chests are permitted. Bare bottoms too, providing the anus is not visible.


So many mainstream images are edited to death, removing stretch marks, spots, and wrinkles or whitening teeth. This project is aimed at removing the need for such editing, instead celebrating real bodies and as such I would urge you to submit images with as little editing as possible.

For example, I have some tattoos that I remove using photoshop. This type of editing is acceptable as I am doing it in order to preserve my anonymity, but I don’t remove stretch marks or smooth my skin to reduce wrinkles. I do remove a birthmark, again because it is unique to me, but not spots.

I really want this project to dispel the idea that real bodies need to be improved, and that aging isn’t acceptable, please help me by submitting images that are as natural as possible.

That’s it, the boring bit is done, thank you for reading the rules.

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