Mirror and Me.

Everytime you ask me if I am by the mirror my heart drops to the pit of my stomach. I dread what you are about to have me do. I won’t lie a tear or two will slip from my eyes because of the overwhelming emotions that stir from having to look at myself in the mirror. So where to start from, I slid off my bed and walked to the mirror as requested. I stood there with my t-shirt on, but I did not look up at myself. I can’t. It is one of the hardest things to do.

You asked that I kiss myself. I was okay with doing that. I was not okay with getting close enough that I could not help but look at myself. You told me to lift my t-shirt to allow my breasts to touch the mirror, I will admit I looked at my breasts not my eyes at that moment. You asked that I begin to touch my clit. It felt wonderful; the coolness of the mirror on my skin, as I touched my warm moist clit.

But the spell broke, when you asked that I kiss myself again and look into my eyes. I wish I had the words to explain how it affects me. I thought to defy you and you would not know, but then I always remind myself that you put your trust in me to do these things off camera, so that being said, I followed your orders. I could feel myself getting aroused but I could not get there, not until you began to speak. You brought me to completion.

It is your voice, your accent, a sense of wanting, longing, even love and the power and confidence you exude, that arouse me. You are the light in the darkness for me. I will always look for you and run toward you. But the truth is I am running to no one. I don’t truly have you and that pains me too. I will find myself thinking of you throughout the day and I will smile and feel content.

Guest Post Written by @vixenLee3

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