Beautiful Butterflies: Before and After images.

There are many ways we can transform ourselves, but it is always done I believe, in order to become the person we feel we truly are.  Perhaps we are unhappy with our size and want to lose weight, or maybe our body does not fit who we are.  


Taking the courageous step to live as a different gender to the one assigned you at birth must be absolutely terrifying. It isn’t something I have personal experience of and so I am guessing but I imagine it takes a great deal of courage and I am in awe of those who find that strength to stand up and do it. How ever you have chosen to make that transition I want this to be a place you can share your journey, and the before and after pictures can be of any stage or step. Perhaps you are a trans man who has grown a beard for the first time and this makes you happy, or a trans woman who has their first skirt. It can be anything that makes you happier about yourself. If you are a person struggling with your identity in any way, please click here for a few links to websites that might be able to help you.

Weight Loss.

Losing weight is a personal journey, and once you reach the end you want to share your success.  This page is a place where you can share your weight loss transformations.  I want to reiterate however, that I am in no way suggesting that anyone has to lose weight in order to be beautiful.  The decision to lose weight is a personal choice.  No matter your size, your body is beautiful. Eating disorders are much more complex than the desire to lose weight in a healthy way and are often accompanied by body dysmorphia, meaning the sufferer does not see their body in it’s true form.  Most often, this person will see themselves as overweight and/or unattractive when they look in the mirror, unable to see how beautiful they are.  If you think you (or you think you know someone who) might be suffering from an eating disorder I would urge you to seek medical help from your GP or by clicking here to visit the help and support page.

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